2011 Knaus Schwalbennest 250 D 🇩🇪

Back in 2011 Knaus celebrated 50 years of caravan production by making a limited edition run of 150 caravans based upon the Knaus Schwalbennest from the 1960s. Schwalbennest being German for 'swallow's nest', very apt for a company who's logo is a flying swallow. There is no getting away from the fact that the Schwalbennest … Continue reading 2011 Knaus Schwalbennest 250 D 🇩🇪

2019 Coachman Sussex Singleton VIP

Many dealer special caravans are based on a manufacturers entry level range, such as the Swift Sprite or Bailey Phoenix. There are however a couple of exceptions to the rule, Couplands Caravans offer the Swift Elegance based Bessacarr by Design, Spinney offer the Coachman VIP based VIP Vogue and Sussex Caravan Centre offer the Coachman … Continue reading 2019 Coachman Sussex Singleton VIP