About Caravanning Life …best in tow

@CaravanningLife stated on Twitter as a way of showing the world some of the amazing brochure and magazine photographs that have been used by manufacturers and magazines to sell and promote caravans and caravanning.

As @CaravanningLife has grown over the years I’ve decided to do some blogs under the ‘Caravanning Life …best in tow’ name.

As the National Caravan Council used to advertise in the late 1980s, Caravanning. Get up and go.
Hope you enjoy, David.

(The name CaravanningLife comes from two old magazine titles, Caravanning Monthly and Caravan Life, the ‘…best in tow’ name comes from the alternative name of the BBC2 TV show ‘Caravanner of the Year’ I was a contestant on).


Caravanning Life is also on Instagram too as Caravanning Life!

There is also a dedicated Twitter site just for motorhomes, motorcaravans and campervans, @MotorhomesPlus

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