New logo for a new decade

Hope you like the new logo for Caravanning Life.

The old ‘road sign’ logo has served me well over the years on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, however I thought it could do with updating with something more personal.

The old logo had changed over the years from the original @CaravanningLife to wording in the middle, however I was beginning to think it was looking a bit to business like.

The new logo actually made it’s debut in September when the search for the Caravanning Life Awards 2020 was announced on Twitter.

The logo was originally drawn by myself in 2006 for an event that I was organising in 2007 and is based on an early 1970s caravan. The logo was used on all paperwork for the event and has literally sat on my bookshelf for last 12 years.

With the aid of modern technology the original logo has been updated, however hopefully still with a ‘hand drawn look’.

The ‘retro caravan’ logo I think works with different colours and unlike the old logo which was normally blue in colour (there was also red and brown versions) there won’t been any limitations in colour that are used. The same goes with the font used for ‘Caravanning Life’ wording.

I hope you like the changes that have been made to my social media and I’ve tried to create a more personal style and a less corporate look.

Thanks, David.


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