2020 Bailey Alicanto Grande Estoril review

Last year Bailey of Bristol introduced the 8′ wide Pegasus Grande range of both single and twin axle models. Priced between the Phoenix and Unicorn ranges the Pegasus Grande offered space with a good specification without a high price tag.

For 2020 it comes as no surprise that more 8′ wide models would be introduced, however rather than a wide body Unicorn, Bailey bring us the luxurious Alicanto Grande ranges.

Three models, Estoril, Sintra and Porto, are available, two on a single axle and one twin axle and all follow classic layouts of twin singles, side island double bed and rear island bed.

Unmistakably Bailey in style, with a body of the Alicanto Grande is similar to other ranges. You know it’s a Bailey from across the caravan site, just a little different. Graphics in metallic bronze flow along the side of the body and on the rear panel too. The Bailey ‘Flying B’ logo is also more subtle on this model than say previous Bailey models such as the Unicorn Series 3.

The Alicanto Grande Estoril is not just wider, it is also longer than the equivalent layout Unicorn Cadiz. The internal length of the Estoril is 6.112m compared to 5.852m for the Cadiz. One advantage of the extra length is the the front seats are longer at 5’11 and 6’0″, up from 5’7″ for the Cadiz.

The front seats are also conventional straight beds rather the the ‘G’ Lounge of the Pegasus Grande, and unusually feature removable headrest, a feature seen on Adria Alpina models.

The kitchen is a proper L shape with with slate effect worktop, solid job cover and perspex splashback. At the end of the kitchen a little splash guard protects the upholstery from rogue water splashes.

At the end of the kitchen two hooks are provided and vertical lightings is a feature seen in many luxury European models and unusual in the UK.

Above the table storage locker and next the microwave is storage for three wine bottles.

Opposite the kitchen is the large Dometic 10 Series 153 litre fridge freezer which not only looks stylish has doors that open both left and right handed. There also a handy cupboard here, open shelves, entrance handle and TV point. The electrics and Alde control panel also live here.

The reason for choosing the Estoril must be the twin single layout. Advantags of this layout are the masses of daytime floor space this layout gives, roof lockers along both sides of the bedroom and two long storage bed lockers.

By the headboard a small shelf is handy for glasses or a mug.

The beds are each sized at 6’4″ x 2’6″, this being another advantage of the wide body is having wider beds, 3″ wider than the Cadiz.

Across the rear of the Estoril is the full width washroom with the familiar wardrobe on the left with Thetford Cassette toilet below, shower to the right and between the washbasin and storage cupboard. As with other Bailey models there isn’t a washroom window, however this isn’t really noticed with the roof vent fitted.

The washbasin on the Alicanto Grande models are inset rather then the pedistal bowl style used on the Unicorn range

Specification is what you would expect with Al-Ko ATC, AKS stabiliser hitch and Secure Locks being fitted as standard.

Spot lights feature USB points, the caravan is pre-wired for a dealer fit motor mover and a 100w Truma solar panel is fitted as standard.

A TRACKER Monitor vehicle tracker (with 3 month subscription) is fitted as is a TRACKER PIR alarm system and TyrePal Tyre Pressure Monitor System.

Heating is by the Alde 3020 boiler and the control panel has battery backup. For 2020 Bailey are fitting 5 year antifreeze to the Alde heating system. This savings on having to replace the antifreeze after two years of ownership.

There are two upholstery options, the standard ‘Farringdon’ in brown tones and the optional ‘Portobello’ which is more grey and fitted to the model on display. The matching bedding shown is also available as an option. Furniture is in ‘Mendip Ash’ and features dual finish ‘Cashmere’ gloss curved Italian locker doors. The interior does have a luxurious continental feel with a coordination to rival any model from Europe.

Overall the Bailey Alicanto Grande Estoril should not be looked at as a wide Unicorn Cadiz with different trim. That misses the point. The Estoril should be looked at as a luxurious model in its own right, and in that respect it works. Existing Unicorn owners have something to move to and people moving to Bailey have something different to look at, especially if looking for a wide body single axle at a weight which might be surprsingly light.

Caravanning Life rating:

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5/5

RRP £28,499 plus OTR charges

‘Portobello’ upholstery £225 extra.

Internal length: 6.112m / 20’1″

Overall length: 7.381m / 24’3″

Overall width: 2.450m / 8’0″

MRO 1469kg

MRPLM 1596kg

Details as supplied by Bailey of Bristol



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