Caravanning Life Awards 2019 – Coming Soon!

As for the 2018 model year there will be a Caravanning Life Awards in 2019. The Overall winner of the 2018 Awards was the Coachman VIP 520 with the Bailey Pursuit 400-2 and runner up and Hymer Nova S 620 in third place.

Categories for the 2019 Awards are:

• Any caravan under £17,000

• Any caravan £17,001 – £22,000

• Any caravan £22,001 – £27,000

• Any caravan £27,001 – £32,000

• Any caravan over £32,001

• Best Kitchen

• Best Washroom

• Alternative Caravan

• Best Seasonal Pitch Caravan

• 8′ Wide Caravan – New Class!

• 1100kg Caravan – New Class!

• Dealer Special 2 berth

• Dealer Special Fixed Bed (Single Axle)

• Dealer Special Fixed Bed (Twin Axle)

• Dealer Special 3-4 berth

• Dealer Special 5-6 berth

• European Caravan – New Class!

This year there are three new classes. The 8′ Wide class recognises the increase in wider caravans being available. The 1100kg Caravan class is to takes note of the importance of the light weight caravan where the maximum technical permitted laden mass is 1100kg or less. The European Caravan class is for the caravan that is not available in the UK and may offers something different. This class has already been judged at the Caravan Salon held in Dusseldorf.

The price classes for ‘Any Caravan’ are the same as the 2018 Awards. As some caravans have increased in price for 2019, these caravans have for the 2019 Awards been moved up a class. The list price has been taken for the 2019 model year as of the October NEC caravan show and does include extra such as option packs and extras. Delivery costs are not taken into consideration. Caravan from all manufacturers are eligible for the Awards, except those sold as ‘Dealer Specials’.

The Best Kitchen and Best Washroom Awards are again for all caravans and for the Best Kitchen Award consideration is given to the equipment fitted, work top available and storage space. The Best Washroom Award looks at the size of the washroom in relation to the caravan, the fitted equipment and the usability of the space.

The Alternative Caravan Award is for a caravan that offer something different in style or character to mainstream caravans. This could be from a small or large manufacturer.

The five Dealer Specials Awards look at the caravan the model is based on and sees what additional extra the Dealer Special offers in equipment, comfort and luxury. The caravan needs to ‘feel’ different to the standard model and not just the use of different upholstery and graphics.

What would be your nominations for the Caravanning Life Awards 2019?


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