2018 Coachman VIP 460

The Coachman VIP 460 has been around since 1990, making it one of longest running models produced by any manufacturer. The basic layout has remained the same with front single beds, offside kitchen, sideboard opposite and a full width end washroom. For 2018 the whole VIP range has had a major makeover.

The Coachman VIP has always had a reputation of being a well made luxury touring offering a couple plenty of storage and equipment for year touring. The 2018 edition carries on this tradition. At the front there are two storage lockers, one for the gas bottles on the right and an aluminium lined locker on the left. Loading the gas bottles will be easier as you don’t need to navigate over the A frame. Whilst some may miss the ability to store long items the easy of access to the storage is excellent.

Other new exterior features are the Whale gas point with sliding covers and Hella Caraluna rear lights. One thing you won’t see are side marker lights, instead these have been replaced by high level end marker lights.

One result of the twin front lockers is the the front chest is integrated into the front bulkhead. Not a new idea, Avondale and the ABI Award had this feature in the late 1980s.

There is still a pull out table which pops up to the same level as the front shelf, which on the 460 comes complete with TV sockets on the right side corner in a chrome panel.

Being a Coachman VIP you now expect to see a large sunroof and the new version doesn’t disappoint. Small lockers feature either side and now the radio is on show on right rather than tanking up space in one of the roof lockers (which now feature soft closing on the larger locker door in the lounge and in the kitchen).

The kitchen features for the first time a Dometic hob, oven and grill with a Daewoo microwave and Dometic fridge opposite. The enamel sink is in black and comes with a swan neck tap. The splash back is in a lighter grey for 2018. The sink cover being clear doesn’t block any light from the window.

Storage is excellent with large drawers and pullout baskets and box in the left cupboard. There would be plenty of room for all that is needed for a long tour of Europe.

The washroom has a new configuration for the new year. Based on the 2017 Pastiche 460, gone is the round shower and double wardrobe to be replaced by a rectangular shower and two wardrobes. The smaller wardrobe is next to the shower and features a handing rail, table storage and lower cupboard with a shelf.

The other wardrobe features, as well as hanging space, two drawers and a hidden laundry bag under a loose board at the back. The expansion tank for the Alde central heating lives here.

The sink lives on the rear wall with the radiator for the Alde heating next to the Dometic toilet (this caravan does not feature any Theford products). The tap is unusual in being fixed to the rear wall, this does leave room for soap on the little area on right rear corner. The splash back in the washroom is the same pattern that is used in the kichen.

Behind the mirrored doors lives a small cupboard, ideal for shampoo, sprays and potions. There is also a cupboard under the sink and a niche in the shower ideal to place shower gel.

By the door there is another cupboard, this time heated by the Alde heating, ideal for drying shoes. Above the door is the new control panel and Alde heating panel.

Specification is as you would expect, with Al-Ko ATC, AKS hitch and secure lock as standard, however the roof mounted solar panel moves from the ‘standard’ to the ‘options’ list.

Overall the new 2018 Coachman VIP 460, whilst not being cheap, it’s also not the most expensive tourer around. If you are looking for a caravan with lots of storage in a compact body it is well worth a look.

Caravanning Life rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5 out of 5


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