1986 Lynton VIP Excalibur 

Possibly one of the most unusual caravans made was the Lynton VIP Excalibur.

Launched at the 1985 Earls Court Caravan Show only two examples were made before Lynton ceased trading in early 1986.

Practical Caravan tested the Excalibur and advised that the brakes needed adjusting. The Excalibur and test Volvo 740 made for an impressive outfit.

No one else has tried the ‘wheel at the corner’ approach since Lynton. Possibly too many complications over a standard twin axle chassis to make the extra costs in build worthwhile. Levelling was an issue and reversing took practice too.

I did see an Excalibur on a caravan site in the late 1980s, I wonder if any are still about.


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