Autosport Alpha

So, if you want to tow at over 126mph and are using a Le Mans specification Aston Martin V8 as a towcar, what caravan would you choose? How about an Autosport Alpha.

Lunched in the mid 1970s when most caravans had the aerodynamics of a house brick (with the house attached!) the Alpha was designed to revolutionise caravan design.

The Alpha had an axle set further back than normal to aid stability. The gas locker was accessed from inside the caravan and large wrap around windows made the interior bright.

The interior wasn’t luxurious compared to other caravans the Alpha competed against such as the ABI Award.

Production stopped in the early 1980s, however there were talks that Island Plastics (of Romahome fame) were going to relaunch the Alpha, however the caravans never materilased. Caravans that were in Spain were brought back to the UK as part of the process.

Sometime an Autosport Alpha turns up, however the last time I saw one was at the back of Highbridge Caravans 20 years ago.


5 thoughts on “Autosport Alpha

    1. Hi Chris I have one for spares or repair, it needs a lot of work but is mostly complete so could be useful for spares. I would like it to go from my land so would happily give it to anyone who wants it but you will need to arrange a low loader or a trailer to remove it on. My no. 07719370999 cheers,Tom.


      1. Hi Tom, My own Autosport Alpha 14 caravan needs a lot of work to restore it, so I am very keen to have yours. Please tell me where your caravan is located. I reckon that it could be moved on a suitable trailer, using a good towing vehicle, assuming that the caravan is in good enough condition to travel. The best ways to contact me are: e-mail or text to +4526717466. Best wishes,
        Chris Hawgood


      2. Dear Tom, I have transport lined up, ready to move your Autosport Alpha 14. Please reply to my SMS texts, so that we can discuss arrangements. With best wishes, Chris


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